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Main Switch Board Maintenance 

All Worx Electrical preforms routine switchboard maintenance throughout out sydney CBD on a regular basis. We recommend to our trusted clients that this maintenance procedure is carried out at 12 month intervals. As part of our switchboard maintenance program, we perform a visual inspection, front and rear, to see that there is no evidence of loose parts, warping, or undue vibration. Inspection checklist includes the following:

•  Complete functional testing of all circuits including emergency stop, shunt trip mechanisms, auto changeover, etc.

•  Withdraw all drawout components and clean as per the circuit breaker manufacturers recommendations.

•  Visual inspection

•  Correct operation of any interlocks and padlocking devices

•  Exercise circuit breakers by manually operating circuit breakers which will enable contacts to be kept clean and helps operating mechanisms operate freely.

•  Look for evidence of moisture in the switchgear.

•  Tighten all secondary control wire connections.

•  Check the insulations 

•  Inspect all cables for tight connections.

•  Inspect control wiring for signs of wear and damage.

•  Upgrade any equipment that is obsolete in technology. 

•  Perform insulating testing.

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