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Thermal Imaging 

All Worx Electrical offer routine thermal scanning of electrical switch boards found within the work place as part of an annual maintenance program.  


Infrared thermography is used to perform inspections on electrical equipment because excess resistance on electrical apparatus indicates electrical faults such as:

  • Loose connections

  • Overloads

  • Imbalanced circuits

  • Faulty equipment

  • Damaged switches

  • Faulty fuses

  • Other unwanted electrical conditions


All Worx Electrical use Thermal Imaging as a vehicle to facilitate early detection of equipment failure:

  • Ensures a higher level of workplace safety

  • Reduces the possibility of fire

  • Reduces the chance of critical downtime

  • Reduces the possibility of loss of production

  • Assists you in meeting your OH&S guidelines

  • Assists you in meeting your insurance obligations

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