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175 Liverpool Street, Sydney NSW 2000
L1 to L14 low-rise refurbishment and mid-plant room conversion

This project was a 14 level electrical infrastructure upgrade which included the upgrade of all house and tenant rising cabling with new house and tenant fused tee-off boxes installed on the east and west side of each floor. A combination of new whole current metering and current transformer metering was installed on these levels. Generator and mechanical rising mains cabling was upgraded from the existing aluminium cabling to new fire rated copper cabling including the installation of new fused tee-off cabinets. This building was fully occupied during all works, shutdowns and disruptive works had to be closely co-ordinated with the local supply authorities, building management and the tenant’s representatives. Due to methodical planning and a comprehensive understanding of the challenges of this project prior to commencement of works, this project was completed within the project time frames and within the project budget.

175 Liverpool
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